Why Store Cells Now?

As you age, so do your stem cells

Your stem cells continue to divide throughout your life to keep your body operating in optimal condition. However, the DNA contained within those cells can become damaged. Stem cells with damaged DNA are unable to effectively repair and maintain the body’s tissues, contributing to the aging process. Excessive damage can cause rapid aging of cells and organs, leading to a poor quality of life and health.

Accumulated damage to cells can also lead to cellular senescence, a permanent condition where cells stop dividing (or replicating) altogether. Senescence contributes heavily to aging and the diseases of aging.

Not only does stem cell function deteriorate with age, but the number of circulating stem cells also decreases. This loss of both function and number make it difficult for stem cells to respond to the maintenance and restorative demands placed upon them throughout a lifetime.

The healthiest your stem cells will ever be is right now

Collecting and storing your stem cells at an earlier age helps to isolate those stem cells with the least amount of DNA damage, allowing them the opportunity to replicate and function at their highest restorative potential in the future. Younger stem cells have key characteristics that make collecting them now beneficial to you in the future:

• Minimal DNA damage: allows proper cell replication
• Optimal gene expression: results in proper cell function
• Optimal stem cell function and number: allows maintenance and repair of somatic cells and tissues

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