The Procedure Overview

Steps of the Procedure

Step One

The prepared cell complex is then transplanted. Using a fingertip palpation technique, the first step is preformed by infiltrating the complex at the level of the infraorbital rim onto the periosteum. The 18-guage needle is introducted via the piriform aperature and placed onto the infraorbital rim at the periosteal level. 0.5-cc of lipoaspirate and growth factor, adult stemm cell combination is deposited in four or five passes along the orbital rim beep to the orbicularis muscle.

Step Two

The second step is injectin of the same growth factor adipocyte stem cell matrix to the deep muscular component of the malar eminence as well as the deeper components of the nasolabial fold, (i.e., the muscles and subcutaneous layers). Here, approximately 4 to 6 cc of the matrix complex is injected with the 18 guage blunt needle (see illustration step #3). This is accomplished in linear “rivelets” to allow for optimal growth of neighboring blood vessels into the transplanted matrix, and to avoid local avascular necrosis of the transplanted fat cells.

Step Three

A superficial injection at the level of the dermal subcutaneous border is then completed to stimulate general regeneration of dermal elements, collagen, elastin, and HA production. This is accomplished via a 3cc syringe which contains a selective different group of growth factors (dermal growth factors) to encourage collagen formation and HA production over an extended period of time (three months). This step is designed to stimulate the transplanted adipose stem cell matrix as well as the local stem cells present.

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