Recovery Time

Recovery Time


The procedure is accomplished under local anesthesia in about an hour in our office setting. You will be given a complete set of pre and post-operative instructions well in advance. A member of our staff will call you at home in the evening of your first postoperative day, as well as the following morning. This procedure avoids the need for a hospital trip and general anesthesia. Recovery time takes about a week, when the face looks slightly swollen and a little pink in color. At the end of this time, light powder and makeup is easily applied, and the results document a natural, rested facial contour

Follow up with patients have documented on going improvement in the facial skin and wrinkles. The results normally last for years.


Will I be satisfied with my results?

Our doctors will discuss your individual results, recovery time, and expectations at length during the initial consultation. The procedure has resulted in an extremely high patient satisfaction level.

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